Arijit Singh's "voice of gold" comes to Ypsilanti | The Indian SCENE

Arijit Singh’s “voice of gold” comes to Ypsilanti

The popular playback singer entertained with a band of global musicians beside him

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Photography by Bhumika Shah

This wasn’t about being Indian, this was about the music you hear with your soul.

Like many did before the Arijit Singh concert, you may have expected to walk into another Bollywood theatrical production of lead singers interacting with an enthused audience in between learned choreography moves. But there was a different, enthusiastic charge in the air. Perhaps this was Detroit’s way of sending Singh off from the final city of his 2019 U.S. tour with a strong message to visit us again soon.

For three hours at Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center on Sunday night, Indian playback singer Arijit Singh entertained with a band of global musicians alongside him, including his sister Amrita. Each song had a featured musician,

from a violinist to a tabla player. Singh’s smooth voice, coupled with an effortless smile, probably didn’t need the support of so many musicians, but they enhanced the performance and energized the crowd with their undeniable talent. Event promoters Palace Concerts estimated a crowd of 7,000 in attendance.

“He is my favorite singer. I am his biggest fan,” said concert attendee Anil Raghava of Rochester Hills. “I listen to him almost every day.”

“With every song he sings, Arijit establishes what it means to have a voice of gold,” said Ragini Vashi of Northville. “If there is one voice that does justice to both love and heartbreak, it is that of Arijit Singh.”

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