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Fashion Blogger Sunita Dass’ Favorite Fashionable Masks

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We are living in strange times, aren’t we? Who would have thought we’d be donning face coverings to go to work, school and the grocery store? Our healthcare workers and other essential workers wear heavy duty, binding masks all day in order to protect and take care of us and there could be nothing kinder and more caring that they could do. They deserve our praise and appreciation for their selfless actions. By donning masks ourselves, in our day to day lives, we are protecting each other and ourselves from an invisible threat. I know that it can feel like a burden at times, but it is something that we are doing for the greater good!

On that note, if you have to wear a mask, why not make it fashion?! The one I’m wearing here is embellished with pretty little organza butterflies! Take a look at a selection of other eye-catching masks and mask chains that I’ve picked out from various online stores. They run the gamut from pretty, floral cotton designs all the way to majorly jeweled glamazon styles! You can click on the images below to view each style. Hope you and your families are all staying safe.

Please scroll down to view some of my favorite face masks, including the eye-catching butterfly themed one I’m wearing here!

Visit for more of her favorite fashionable masks!

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