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Sunita Dass’ Must-Have Skincare Products for Glowing, Healthy Skin

Fashion Blogger Sunita Dass breaks down and reviews her favorite skincare products that deliver radiant, glowing results.

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I’m sharing some of my workhorse items in my beauty arsenal. These are products that I reach for on a daily basis. I always wait for the Sephora sale to stock up on these products. I’ve written a few words about why I like each product.

1. NUFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device

I have been using this micro-current device for the past several years. I’ve noticed that it really does help to contour and firm my face if I use it regularly. I do go through phases where I won’t use it for a few weeks and then I’ll use it daily for a while. I can tell a huge difference when I use it! It only takes 5 minutes to complete a cycle and I like to use it in the morning. The kit comes with the gel primer that you apply to your face before using the device.

2. CAUDALIE Instant Foaming Cleanser

I love Caudalie products since they are gentle and such good quality. I use this refreshing foaming cleanser every night. It takes off the day’s grime and makeup quickly and easily and it smells divine!

3. THE ORDINARY Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary is a newer company and I really like its mission to make great quality and effective skincare products at a reasonable price. I started using this toner about a year ago and I’m hooked. I find that it makes a huge difference to the texture of my skin. I use it every night right after cleansing a prior to applying any serums or creams. You may want to start out using it less frequently if you have sensitive skin.

4. CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Dark Spot Serum

If you suffer from Melasma or dark spots on your skin, this is a great yet gentle product. I use it day and night after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing. It is a gentle lotion-type serum and when used regularly has definitely helped lighten dark patches on my skin. I apply it all over my face and then take a small drop and spend extra time working it into my trouble spots.

5. TATCHA Luminous Deep Hyrdration Firming Serum

Tatcha is a Japanese brand and not only are their products beautifully packaged in the prettiest containers, but they are effective! This is a newer product from the line. I like that it serves a dual purpose; it firms the skin and acts as a primer for your makeup. If you’ve never used a primer before, let me tell you, it’s a game changer!

6. TATCHA The Dewy Skin Cream

This is an amazingly moisturizing, yet lightweight, cream that I use at night after cleansing and toning. You only need to use the smallest smidgeon of the product to cover your entire face, so the jar lasts a long time. I wake up to soft and smooth skin every morning when I use this lovely cream.

7. SHISEIDO Benefiance Wrinkle Soothing Eye Cream

Shiseido is one of my favorite skincare lines. I have tried many eye creams over the years, but I always come back to this one. It is truly effective in preventing and treating fines lines and wrinkle in the delicate under eye area. I really like the texture; it’s light yet emollient. I always apply this every night after serums and creams. I pat on the tiniest amount using my ring finger in a circular motion around my orbital bone area.

8. ALGENIST Firming & Lifting Neck Cream

I have always used my face creams on my neck and thought that was enough to keep that area supple. However, as we get older, the skin on the neck does get crepey and needs a little extra care. Did you know that the hands and neck are the two areas that can give away your age first! There are fewer oil glands in those areas and so they need heavier products. This particular cream is very moisturizing and firming. I apply it in an upwards motion on my neck and jawline every night.

9. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

I had heard so much about this cult favorite product for moisturizing the lips. I finally caved and purchased it last year and I’m so glad that I did! I don’t like using lip balm on a daily basis and I find that if I apply a thin layer of this balm to my lips at night, I wake up to truly supple and moisturized lips. The effect lasts all day and your lipstick looks smo

10. SHISEIDO Pure Retinol Intensive Face Mask

This is another product that I have been using for years. I have tried many different types of masks including the highly touted Cle de Peau and SKII versions, however, I have to say that these are my favorite! I use this mask in the evening about twice a month and right before special events. It has made a huge difference to my skin as far as retexturizing and smoothing my complexion. This product does contain retinol, so go easy at first and test it on your skin before applying!

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