6-year-old Simran Adnani is on a mission to stop the spread of COVID-19

6-year-old Simran Adnani is on a mission to stop the spread of COVID-19

Being just a first grader hasn't stopped Troy's Simran Adnani from installing handwashing stations and teaching proper mask technique

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“Simran is very passionate about community service,” says Dr. Teena Chopra, an infectious disease specialist and mother of precocious 6-year-old Simran Adnani.

An avid reader, Simran was recognized as a Young Changemaker last year by SEEN for her work to promote literacy worldwide. Now, Simran has set her sights on a new challenge: COVID-19, which has hit metro Detroit especially hard. Chopra says over the last few months, Simran has learned about the importance of handwashing to prevent further transmission of the virus, and has used that knowledge to help install mobile hand hygiene stations around her community.

[Read SEEN’s 2019 Young Changemakers profile of Simran]

“This idea came from the work done by street medicine for the homeless,” Chopra says. “I showed the pictures of their station to Simran and she got very excited about implementing the same at the temple.”

Simran has since installed stations at Sikh temples in Sterling Heights and Rochester Hills, and to COTS, a homeless shelter in Detroit. A recent donation from Home Depot will allow her to install 3 more. “Now we can go the temple and people will be safer,” Simran says.

Simran is also a member of the C Diff Foundation’s junior infection fighter program, through which she makes educational videos on masking and hand washing. The Indian SCENE asked Simran a few questions about her work and inspiration.

The Indian SCENE: What grade will you be in this fall and what is your favorite thing about school?

Simran Adnani: First grade, and my favorite thing about school is “free choice” at Roeper, where students are given an opportunity to pick any class they like during the day.

IS: Who or what inspires you to be such a giver to the community?

SA: My mom is my inspiration

IS: Can you tell us about  your mobile hand washing stations?

SA: They can protect the community from COVID.

IS: What would you tell other young kids about giving back?

SA: Let’s be kind, like Rosa Parks.

IS: What do you want to be when you grow up?

SA: I want to be an infectious diseases physician like my mom.

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