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The Indian SCENE’s Best of 2019

A look back at our favorite stories we've published this year.

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First person: After abandonment and loss, searching for peace. Om Pattabhi on being left on the streets of India, losing his sister and finding a place to call home (July 2019)

Through hardship and heartbreak, Usha Ram is an open book. Even after divorce, the OB-GYN believes that true love never dies. (May 2019)

Public Practice. How Indian-American psychologist Sonal Patel ended up working in a women’s prison. (February 2019)

First person: For Dhairya, and the spirit of the game. A cricket team in Detroit plays to honor their late teammate. (July 2019)

At the legendary Neehee’s, family is the recipe for success. As their business thrives and expands, the owners of metro-Detroit’s beloved fast-casual Indian spot discuss the unique culture and efficient style that set them apart. (March 2019)

Pioneering couple reflects on 58 years of marriage and community service. Since arriving in Detroit in the ’50s, Livonia residents Bharat and Jaydevi Sanghvi have opened their home and their hearts to the area’s Indian students and families. (February 2019)

Love, care and a life-changing diagnosis: a story of Alzheimer’s disease. In this two-part series, we follow K.C. and Sumi Mehta as they navigate the new emotional and logistical realities of Alzheimer’s disease. (November 2019)

After darkness, finding the light. Pratik and Sangeen Shah lost their son Abhi three years ago. Now, they’re beginning the parenting journey again. (May 2019)

Style profile: Dr. Partha Nandi is one of Detroit’s best-dressed physicians. The practicing gastroenterologist and popular television host cites David Beckham as his fashion icon and still treasures his mother’s advice. (March 2019)

Style profile: Tech journalist Leena Rao on making Detroit home and taking style risks. In the rough Michigan winter, the mother of two makes sure she’s armed with moisturizer. (April 2019)

For South Asian women at risk for breast cancer, prevention is the best medicine. Genetic testing empowered one mother of four to make informed healthcare decisions. But a cancer researcher says too few patients receive the tools needed to manage risk. (February 2019)

Her big beautiful brown eyes: a daughter’s journey with dementia. I break bad news and give diagnoses all the time. But this was my own family. (November 2019)

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