MSU Students Find Being Guest Student at Schoolcraft College Win-Win

MSU Students Find Being a Guest Student at Schoolcraft College is a Win-Win

Sachi Arora earned credits that transferred to her university while saving a lot of money.

MSU Students Find Being Guest Student at Schoolcraft College Win-Win
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This post is sponsored by Schoolcraft College.

Sachi Arora is a busy, productive and highly motivated student at Michigan State University. To start, the Novi native is majoring in Supply Chain management at the highly respected Eli Broad College of Business at MSU. What’s more, to help enhance her career options, she completed an internship at GE Aviation in Cincinnati last summer.

You might even say Arora is something of a trendsetter because she took courses remotely last summer, long before that way of learning became the new norm in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Guest Student at Schoolcraft College

Specifically, Arora took two Economics courses through Schoolcraft College as a Guest Student, which can be an attractive option for students at four-year institutions. Whether you are home for the summer or away at an internship, you can earn credits to transfer to your university while potentially saving quite a bit of money.


“I took ECON 201 (Principles of Macroeconomics) and ECON 202 (Principles of Microeconomics) because they were two of the six required courses to apply to my major within the business college at my university,” Arora said. “I wanted to get ahead on completing these courses over the summer and decided to take them at Schoolcraft because I knew my credits would be able to transfer and I would be saving a significant amount of money by taking them through Schoolcraft.”


The Guest Student option was a true win-win for Arora.


“With my classes being online and having an internship at the same time, I appreciated the flexibility of the courses and the quick responses received from professors when I reached out,” she said.


Arora said her Schoolcraft College classes were both the first time she had taken classes outside MSU and in an online format. Although she was a bit nervous at first, everything went smoothly.


“Taking the two economics courses at Schoolcraft helped in achieving my goal to be admitted into my major within the business college at my four-year university,” Arora said. “Transferring my credits to MSU was an easy process, as I ensured that my credits would transfer before enrolling in classes at Schoolcraft.”

MSU Students find being Guest Student at Schoolcraft College Win-Win

As a Guest Student, you can register for classes without taking placement tests or sending transcripts. You don’t have to meet with a Schoolcraft Academic Advisor, either, though that is recommended to help ensure your class transfers to your university. As with Arora, Schoolcraft College Advisors can help you navigate through any questions you might have.


“I would highly recommend the Guest Student experience for those at four-year universities who are looking to take additional credit hours over the summer at a fraction of the price one would pay for a similar class at their respective four-year institution,” she said.


For more information on being a Guest Student, visit the web page here or call the Schoolcraft College Answer Center at 734-462-4426.



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