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Ask an educator: What should you do now that your kids are at home?

As schools close and the kitchen table becomes your new office, the reality of working from home while also being a homeschool teacher and caregiver …

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Boost your immune system through healthy eating, managing stress and exercise

The effectiveness of our immune system is largely determined by germs that we are exposed to over a lifetime. Genetics, stress, sleep, diet and exercise …

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After an identity crisis, Rupali Lunani realized her potential

Rupali Lunani grew up in a life of privilege, she says. But when she got married to her husband, Mahesh, and moved to Michigan in …

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Coronavirus has arrived in Michigan. But think before heading to the emergency room.

On Tuesday, the state of Michigan announced that two patients have been confirmed to have the coronavirus aka COVID-19. Thursday night, the state announced the …

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Cope with stress and information overload the Ayurvedic way

Affecting over 40 million Americans, anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, excessive uneasiness, apprehension and may lead to panic attacks, depression and other more …

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Recipe: Sweet potato toast, a healthy gluten-free breakfast

If you’re looking for healthy breakfast option, look no further. Sweet potato “toast” is the new grain-free option that has become popular with health enthusiasts …

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Proper handwashing

What you need to know about coronavirus

Walking down the aisle of my local grocery store, I noticed that they were out of paper towels, masks, and antibacterial wipes. Just like with …

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Photos: High schoolers take on hip-hop, bhangra and Bollywood at Desi Tashan

Northville High School hosted Desi Tashan 2020 on Friday February 28. Seven local area high school teams competed in the event, including Farmington Wicked Andaaz, …

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