5 reasons to drink Rieslings this summer

5 reasons to drink Rieslings this summer

These wines are crisp and light with high acidity, making Rieslings perfect for warm temperatures.

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There is no better way to celebrate the summer than with a bottle of Riesling. Rieslings are the perfect thirst-quenching summer wines. The wines are crisp and light with high acidity, making Rieslings perfect for warm temperatures. It is an ethereal aromatic white grape variety that is grown in cool climates around the globe, with Germany producing some of the best. Aside from Riesling being one of the five most noble grapes of the world, here are five reasons you should be drinking Rieslings this summer.

Riseling is made in a variety of styles.

For starters, let’s clear the table. Many believe Riesling to be a sweet wine, and that is just not the case. Dry Rieslings are the more predominant style found across the globe. With that said, Rieslings come in a variety of styles, from bone dry to off-dry, to lusciously sweet. Rieslings can be light, crisp, and lean, but they can also be full-bodied, lush, and fruity.  Whatever your preference, the vast array of styles will dazzle you.

Riesling is authentic.

Riesling is one of the original noble grape varieties. It is the only variety not originating in France; rather, it hails from Germany. Many wine experts say Riesling is the most authentic grape variety. The wines typically do not have any oak treatment and are fermented in stainless steel tanks, so the true expressions of the grapes and terroir shine through the glass.

Riesling is the perfect wine for sipping all day long.

Summers are meant for the outdoors. Whether you spend it in the backyard, the beach, or a picnic, a light crisp wine is exactly what is needed. Rieslings are delicate, fresh, and low in alcohol. This makes it the perfect choice for lunchtime wine. Many Rieslings range from 10.0% to 13.0% ABV, making it ideal for daytime imbibing. Delicate, fresh, and low alcohol make Riesling the quintessential summer wine.

Riesling pairs with everything (especially spicy Indian and Asian cuisines)

German Rieslings pair incredibly well with many international cuisines. One of the reasons Rieslings are such a great food pairing is due to its diverse styles. Retail shelves are lined with an impressive range of Rieslings, from dry to off-dry and light to full-bodied wines. Due to its balance of acidity and sugar, Rieslings are gastronomic wines. Chefs and sommeliers love to pair spicy Indian food with off-dry Rieslings. It pairs with an assortment of Indian foods, whether it is chutney, sauces, chaats, kebabs, or curries.

Thanks to the diverse spectrum of Rieslings, it is a great match for bold flavors such as Mexican fajitas, Middle Eastern kebabs, Thai curries, or Szechuan dishes. Keep in mind when pairing Rieslings, the spicier the dish, the sweeter the Riesling.

Rieslings age incredibly well.

There is no doubt that Rieslings have the longest aging potential of any wines. Due to its zippy acidity and sugar content, Rieslings age gracefully. Young Rieslings are dry, crisp, fresh, and aromatic with notes of fruits, herbs, minerality, and spice. As the wines age, they develop notes of honey, vanilla, butterscotch, citrus, and exotic spice. Patience is rewarded when cellaring a special bottle of Riesling. Buy a few bottles to drink this summer and save a few to add to the cellar.

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