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Recipe: An Incredibly Quick yet Heavenly Chocolate Barfi

This holiday season indulge your sweet tooth in this delightful dessert preparation of chocolate barfi.

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There are numerous variations to the traditional dessert, ‘barfi’. This popular milk-based dessert from the Indian sub-continent is thoroughly enjoyed as a type of coconut, pistachio, or even as cashew barfi. However, this incredibly quick yet heavenly alteration of ‘chocolate barfi’ is sure to become one of your favorite sweets this holiday season.


3 cups of instant dry non-fat milk powder

1 cup granulated white sugar

1 cup heavy whipping cream

Chocolate mixture:

1/4 cup baking cocoa powder

1/4 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tablespoon sugar [optional]


Combine milk powder, sugar and one cup heavy whipping cream in a big microwaveable bowl. Mix the ingredients well and microwave the bowl for a total of three minutes. Take the bowl out carefully after every minute and stir the mixture/batter with a spatula to attain a smooth consistency.

For the next steps, prep the chocolate mixture by adding cocoa, cream and sugar. You can adjust the quantity of sugar and cocoa as per your taste.

Divide the prepared batter into two parts. In one part – add the chocolate mixture and make a smooth chocolate dough. If you prefer more chocolate, add the chocolate mixture to the greater portion of the batter. And, do not add anything else to this part.

Further ahead, microwave both portions separately for approximately one-two minutes until the batter starts separating from the bowl surface. Then, while it is still hot, roll the chocolate and white dough on some parchment paper, or greased cookie sheet, or on a greased plate. Keep the same dimensions for both the layers.

Place the chocolate layer on top of the white layer and roll it again so that it sticks nicely. Once it cools down completely, cut the pieces as per your choice of shape and serve!

[Note: You can also use a regular stove instead of a microwave to follow the recipe.]

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