Recipe: Low-carb cilantro lime cauliflower “rice” | The Indian SCENE

Recipe: Low-carb cilantro lime cauliflower “rice”

Here's a healthy version of a Mexican favorite

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This version of cilantro lime cauliflower “rice” is one of my favorite low-carb alternative dishes. Whether you’re on a weight-loss journey, are diabetic trying to avoid blood sugar spikes caused by high carb meals, or simply enjoy eating low-carb yet delicious foods, this recipe is for you.

How to make cauliflower “rice”:

As the name implies, cauliflower is the main ingredient used to make the pizza “dough.” Cauliflower “rice” or “pearls” can be made in a food processor. If you are using fresh cauliflower, cut the cauliflower into 1-inch florets and steam it until it’s tender. If you are using frozen cauliflower, you can skip this step. Add the florets to a food processor in small batches and pulse the cauliflower until small rice-sized pieces are formed. You can also buy cauliflower “rice” from a grocery store which may save time.


1 head of cauliflower, “riced”

1 red onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, crushed

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

½ lime

¼ cup chopped cilantro

Salt to taste


“Rice” the cauliflower, taking care to not overprocess the rice, as it will make the dish mushy.

Heat the coconut oil on medium high in a large wok or sauté pan. Add the crushed garlic to the hot oil and let it roast for a few seconds.

Add the chopped onion to the pan and saute until golden brown.

Add the red pepper flakes and saute for a few minutes.

Add the riced cauliflower to the pan and stir frequently until the cauliflower is slightly crispy and brown on the outside. Make sure to not let it over cook as the cauliflower will turn mushy when over cooked

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Remove the dish from the stovetop and garnish with cilantro and lime juice.

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