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Recipe: Spicy shrimp roll with peanut sauce

Similar to a Vietnamese spring roll, these wraps are the perfect way to add fresh vegetables to your diet.

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This low-carb version of a spring roll with spicy peanut sauce omits the rice vermicelli. If following a strictly low-carb diet, you can also replace the rice paper wrap with cabbage and omit the shredded carrots.

These are a perfect way to add lots of fresh spring vegetables to your diet. The mint and cilantro add a refreshing flavor to the recipe. You can dip the spring rolls in the spicy peanut sauce that’s just heavenly. You can reduce the spiciness of the sauce by adjusting the amount of Sriracha/sambal paste.


Spicy Peanut Sauce

3 tablespoons peanut butter

1 tablespoons hoisin sauce

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

3 garlic crushed

Spring Roll

12 rice paper sheets

2 carrots julienned

2 cucumber cut lengthwise without seeds

1 red pepper cut length wise

36 cooked shrimps peeled and tail off

12 leaves butter lettuce

1 handful mint leaves chopped

1 handful cilantro stems chopped

36 cooked shrimps – peeled and tail off


  1. Start by making the spicy peanut sauce. Mix peanut sauce ingredients in a small bowl and add water as needed to adjust the consistency.
  2. Refrigerate the spicy peanut sauce until ready to use.
  3. Fill a large bowl with very warm water or set the bowl over low flame on a stove top.
  4. Fully submerge a single sheet of rice paper in the warm water for 30 seconds or less. Shake off excess moisture. Now, place the sheet on a clean, flat surface like a cutting board.
  5. Place three cooked shrimp, in a row side by side, on the top portion of the rice paper.
  6. Please a lettuce leaf on top of the shrimp, place 2 to 3 cucumber and 2 red pepper pieces lengthwise.
  7. Add 1 tablespoon of carrots, some cilantro sprigs, and mint leaves. Roll the lettuce to create a roll.
  8. Pull the top of the rice paper tightly over the shrimp and lettuce roll. Then fold the left side and right side of the rice paper over the lettuce roll and shrimp
  9. Now roll down the roll until all of the rice paper is rolled over the lettuce and shrimp roll.
  10. Repeat the same process until you’ve made all 12 shrimp rolls.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve with spicy peanut sauce and enjoy!

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