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Association Spotlight: Detroit Indian Women’s Association

To put it simply, their mission is "empowered women empower women."

(Courtesy of the Detroit Indian Women's Association)
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In December of 2018, when Savita Monroe (co-owner of Perfect Brow Threading Spa and Wellness) and Rachna Chandra (owner of Taj Cottage) met at a restaurant, little did they know that their seemingly never-ending lunch would actually turn out to be the beginning of their journey of empowering women of the community.

They reached out to several women in the community to be part of their journey and found Alka Srivastava, a Senior Application Operations Engineer for GE, a prominent server of the community and a treasurer of Balagokulam camp and EKAL, a program where children learn about Hindu culture and values in an enjoyable family camp setting. And together the three women set out to fulfill their purpose of empowering women, of all ages and diverse cultures, by supporting them in their pursuit of happiness & passion.

Their non-profit organization, Detroit Indian Women’s Association (DIWA), is a support group that brings together women of all age groups from diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and across industries and help advance their personal growth. The goal of DIWA is to inspire and empower women striving for success in their personal and/or professional life, while attaining a work-life balance. The organization promotes self development, leadership, and entrepreneurship through community events, educational symposiums, seminars workshops, tutorials, grants and scholarship programs within USA and around the world. To put it simply, their mission is Empowered Women, Empower Women.

Savita and Rachna started the non-profit after they realized that although there were several organizations within the Indian community, there were none that focused on helping women who wanted to grow personally and professionally. Thus, DIWA is driven by its four core pillars called SELF that stands for Support / Educate / Lead / Focus

Apart from supporting women, they will be supporting men if the project aligns with their mission. With already several committees well underway, such as DIWA Youth, DIWA Art and Performance, DIWA Wellness, and DIWA Home and Garden, there are many others in the works such as DIWA Tech. Their events will be tied in to giving back to the community through supporting causes and raising funds. Recently, they did an outdoor event of Yoga and Zumba in the park in The Canton Heritage park and raised money for SKSN, disabled girls. Prior to that members walked the runway @ the International Women’s Show at Suburban in Novi. Additionally, there are a number of events planned and can be viewed on their Facebook page or their website 

With over 150 attendees, DIWA was launched on Sunday, April 7, 2019, at the Novi Library. If you would like to become involved with this organization, consider becoming a member. Single year membership for 2019 is $25, Business Membership is $75, and Gold is $125. You can also volunteer through conducting seminars, workshops, and events in your expertise. 

Pallavi Jassi Abbott, a former journalist and stay-at-home mom, is leveraging her communications background to help the organization. Without the help of these women with many others, this organization would not be possible.

Currently they are looking for an Executive Director who has the passion to lead and mentor this organization to the next level.

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