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Association Spotlight: Key2Finesse

Too many children worldwide are faced with hunger, poverty and unsatisfactory education. A group of high school students wanted to change that.

Courtesy of Key2Finesse
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Key2Finesse is a student-run non-profit organization that started in 2015 with the mission to create leaders for tomorrow. Even in a fast-paced, technology-driven world, there is a multitude of obstacles in the way of children’s growth and their future. Many are faced with hunger, poverty, unsatisfactory education, and Key2Finesse wanted to change this.

Courtesy of Key2Finesse

They have taught confidence building and public speaking workshops for Detroit schools, and even at a national level. Since 2016, they’ve hosted four speech competition fundraisers for local non-profits. For their first fundraiser in 2016, through registrations and the support of local businesses, they raised $3,000 for The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW). For their next fundraiser, they raised $8,000 for PALAV. In 2017, they had their biggest fundraiser yet for Blessings in a Backpack. The speech and essay competition was a huge success and they were able to donate $37,500. Last year, Key2Finesse raised $34,000 for Easterseals, enough to sponsor 340 peer to peer workshops to help teens struggling with mental health issues.

Starting with only two high school students, the organization would not be as successful without the board members and volunteers. They have expanded to eight board members, all high schoolers around metro-Detroit and thirty volunteers. The board members are Aarvi Shah (Northville High School), Aparna Reddy (Detroit Country Day), Dhruv Muralidhar (Troy High School), Kanal Patel (International Academy East), Krish Ghosalkar (Troy High School), Riya Munot (International Academy Central), Nick Lazrado (Athens High School) and Shaarav Shah (Troy High School).

Key2Finesse decided to try something new this year by introducing art and poetry categories. On September 22nd, 150 competed in speech categories. Overall, there were 400 participants in all categories- speech, essay, art, and poetry.
Through competition registrations and sponsorships they were able to raise a record breaking $48,440.
As students, the K2F team knows how difficult it can be to focus in school or on homework on an empty stomach. The team has worked endlessly and donated all the proceeds to the Children’s Backpack Program at Gleaners Community Foodbank.” The money will help sponsor healthy meals for students on the federal lunch plan who do not have any meals over the weekend.

by Aarvi Shah


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