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Association spotlight: The Green Indians

The Green Indians initiative was started with a mission to spread awareness of the need to protect our environment.

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“If you don’t say the honest thing, it never becomes true,” the writer John Green has said. It’s this kind of attitude we all need to conquer one of the biggest problems of this world. Pollution, carbon footprints and plastic waste are among those things buried under the shiny cover of globalization. The honest truth: it is now imperative to protect our environment.

The Green Indians’ mission began when a group of Michigan-based Asian-Indian organizations and community members joined hands and began brainstorming what, how, when and where we could contribute towards our community, its future, and above else, Mother Nature. The initiative was started with a mission to spread awareness, and has done so by publishing on social media, in community stores and on websites. The Green Indians group has also fostered word-of-mouth discussions on how this initiative will benefit the community and future generations.

The group’s primary focus is on using ceramic, steel, paper or similarly bio-degradable, compostable, eco-friendly and washable dishes, and fabric shopping bags. Community members participating have taken a pledge not to use plastic bags, Styrofoam dishes or any other toxic and harmful products offered by small businesses and community organizations. Key to the initiative is reusable bag use; using reusable water bottles as opposed to crates of plastic bottles; a focus on upcycling — imagining different uses of products rather than disposing them after initial use; buying less or borrowing; and using sustainable/eco-friendly products. The organization has awarded certificates to individual families, small businesses and community organizations who have pledged for supporting green initiatives, motivating them and emphasizing the sense of commitment and social responsibility which will reap long term benefits for future generations. 

Conversations around environmental protection are changing not only from a regional, but a national and global perspective. The organization hopes to introduce many ways of embracing sustainability, which has the benefits of reducing energy related costs, attracting new customers and increasing sales, and boosting workforce morale and innovation. Interested people can learn more on Facebook.

by Vinay Mishra

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