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Letter from the Publisher: The Next Chapter

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This past summer, after months of living a typical Michigan summer filled with a combination of work, family, friends, relaxation and travel, I woke up one Sunday morning feeling extremely disconnected. Simple tasks like using the remote control were impossible to navigate. My family sat in bewilderment when they saw I could not operate my trusted cell phone. I felt numb from the world. I felt isolated in my own home, so I sat, silently, in a befuddled state.

On July 26, 2020, I was diagnosed as having a minor stroke. I am still unsure how the word ‘minor’ or ‘mild’ can qualify the phenomena of a stroke. Nothing about the recovery process could be described as ‘minor’. On July 26, 2020, I was forced into a new chapter of my life.

Some people can hear a whisper and be called to action or awareness, others need a shout. It appears I needed a blowhorn. I am certainly listening now. I have therefore decided to take a “pause” from The Indian SCENE.  I need to spend some time looking inwards, refocusing in hopes of never hearing a horn again.

I want to thank everyone who has been and is involved in making this publication a success. It has been so rewarding to see this idea of cultivating a platform to connect our community gain traction. I hope you have enjoyed every story as much as we have enjoyed getting to know the people behind them and sharing them with you. I have every intention of coming back on the SCENE, my work is not done yet. Looking forward to sharing the next chapter with you.

Wishing you continued happiness and most importantly, good health.

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3 thoughts on “Letter from the Publisher: The Next Chapter”

  1. Ansuya Gandhi

    Move on, will miss you
    another chapter in life will open up,All the best
    Anu Gandhi

  2. Beautifully written note, as always. You are and will always be “the” publisher for our community in Michigan. Wishing you all the best in your next chapter, and hope you comeback to doing what you love to do the most. Be safe and be healthy!

  3. The Indian Scene, a creation of Lipsa Sheth, in its short existence, has given voices to so many people from our community to share the trials and tribulations of their life’s journey, good and not so good. I the process, it has increased the awareness of life’s ambiguities like poor health, traumatic events, calamities and suddenness with which life can throw a challenge to anyone of us and how we react and deal with it.

    Lipsa, I am deeply saddened to read about what you have been going through over the last few months. At the same time, I admire your courage in openly sharing your thoughts and feelings and making a bold decision to take care of yourself first.

    Being a carepartner for my wife, Sumi, with Alzheimer’s, I have to constantly remind myself about my self-care. In the flight we are told, “in emergency, put the oxygen mask on you first before helping others.”

    Lipsa, I pray and wish that your “Oxygen mask” provides you needed self-reflection, strength and speedy recovery so you can resume the next chapter by helping others around you and especially, the community-at-large via the Indian Scene.

    KC Mehta
    Rochester Hills, MI

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