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SCENE Association Spotlight on GLAC

Pictured: Vidwan RK Shriramkumar preforming for GLAC Michigan (Credit: Shankar Ramachandran)
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SCENE Association Spotlight on GLAC:

The Great Lakes Aradhana Committee, also known as GLAC Michigan, was founded with the intention of promoting and preserving the valued arts from India in our Great Lakes region. An idea that was founded in 1987 has now grown into a dedication and enthusiastic base of 3,200 rasikas (music enthusiasts) and with over 2,100 followers on social media. Recently, Detroit was the only other city in North America to have a workshop with Padmashri Hariharan – a once in a lifetime opportunity! GLAC is also one of the only organizations in the US to organize and support more than 20 events in their season.

GLAC’s mission is “to promote classical arts in our community for the cause of enrichment, participation, and fellowship for art aficionados in Michigan by bringing quality events on a regular basis with a bias on membership satisfaction.” A few notable areas were GLAC has made an impact in our community and proves to be a great resource includes its programming for the aging population, educating youth and North American audience as well as for people with disabilities using art as a form of therapy.

In 2006, GLAC formally incorporated as a non-profit. Their sponsored events including their Sarovar Festival, ‘The Indo American Festival of Performing Arts’, draw attendees from all backgrounds not only locally but also from Canada and nearby Great Lakes States.

GLAC has also found many ways to give back and support causes including the efforts for Chennai Floods, Flint as well as The Susan B. Komen Tissue Bank. GLAC brings the SE Michigan Indian art scene under one umbrella by collaborating with local universities like Oakland University, Lawrence Tech University & Oakland Community College and with museums like the Arab American Museum, Carr Center to bring performances at the recent Ford Indian Association event to the recent Hariharan in Detroit.

“The goal of GLAC is perpetuating our unique cultural heritage into the mainstream American diaspora and striving to support the arts, artists, and rasikas”, says Sriram Ganapathy. “Our two festivals, the Michigan Thygaraja Aradhana in Flint & the Navaratri Festival in Troy, are free community events with lunch & dinner included”, he adds. “Please join us to celebrate one of the greatest cultural traditions that have been passed down over the generations.”

To learn more about GLAC, find information on membership and future events they will be hosting, please visit their website

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