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Medical Spa Star Laser Improves Skin and Overall Wellness

Meet the experts and sample products at Troy-based Star Laser’s grand opening Oct. 18.

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Sponsored by Star Laser

In the world of spa medicine, Dr. Lakshmi Palakurthi operates in a league all her own.

As owner of Troy-based medical spa Star Laser, she has focused on services that are not only personalized but work to treat the whole person.

“I believe in treating inside out and outside in,” she says. “Here, I do both.”

After working as a medical practitioner for 19 years, Palakurthi found that her patients were asking about a wider array of treatments. She began treating everything from plantar warts to hyperpigmentation. With each new concern, she sought new technology and ways to target the problem. Palakurthi began to incorporate laser treatments into her own medical practice by November 2016.

With her children graduating college and the support of her husband, the Bloomfield Hills resident chose to close her medical practice and open Star Laser in December 2018 as a full-time business. She sees it as a place where she can make a difference and help her patients see progress — not just manage their health concerns.

“Let me actually do what fixes the problem,” she says. “I can see the results.”

Star Laser will host its grand opening 3-7 p.m. Oct. 18 at its location at 1787 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy. Those who attend can meet the experts behind these procedures and wellness products, try samples and learn more about the ways they can benefit from Star Laser’s services.

Palakurthi has stocked Star Laser with safe, effective, medical grade tools. They include a Photodynamic Therapy or PDT light, a blue light for treating acne; Far infrared light for rejuvenating skin; and BBL or BroadBand Light to treat rosacea and perform photo facials. The latter is so effective, Palakurthi says, patients “won’t have to wear makeup.”

Unlike other medical spas, Star Laser patients benefit from her board certification and medical background. Palakurthi advises her patients on medical concerns and dietary needs. And that, she says, comes free.

“I want people to be healthy, not just look good,” she says. “It helps them maintain their self-confidence.”

Some signature services provided by Star Laser include hydro facial, laser rejuvenation and joint injections. Star Laser specializes in platelet-rich plasma injections. Known as PRP, these injections come in the form of the P-Shot for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or the O-Shot to alleviate sexual dysfunction in women.

A similar process is used in a vampire facial — made famous by Kim Kardashian-West — to rejuvenate skin, or used on the scalp to manage hair loss. According to Palakurthi, a patient’s own blood can stimulate hair follicles for safe and effective results that not only protect hair but can include new hair growth.

Patients of Star Laser range in age from 18 to 82. Procedures are completed in the office, and patients are able to return to work the same day.

“If I can change lives,” Palakurthi says, “I want to do that.”

Star Laser

Ste. 250 1787 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 250, Troy


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