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Ten ways young adults can ease their quarantine blues

Leaving my university campus last week was heartbreaking. With spring upon us, my peers and I were devastated to hear that we’d have to depart so suddenly, without the chance to experience the change in season we had long been awaiting together, and without the chance to exchange proper goodbyes. With college campuses and so

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Metro Detroit Corona Virus Resource Guide

Many hospitals, health organizations, community organizations and non-profits are coming together to help people and businesses throughout this unprecedented health crisis. Please share this with others who may need to access to medical professionals for advice, grocery delivery, free food services and more.   Medical Facilities, Departments and Hospital Hotlines Contact one of these resources

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Proper handwashing

What you need to know about coronavirus

Walking down the aisle of my local grocery store, I noticed that they were out of paper towels, masks, and antibacterial wipes. Just like with H1N1, SARS and MERS, the panic has started. Is there really a reason to be frightened here in the U.S.  or is this all hype? Here’s the real talk. Coronavirus

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