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NextGen college tours: Why Divya Macha chose Berkeley

With campuses closed to visits from prospective students, the Indian SCENE is bringing its own college tours to you. This week, The Indian SCENE spoke with Divya Macha of Ann Arbor, a rising junior at the University of California, Berkeley, studying molecular and cell biology. Berkeley, located across the San Francisco Bay from the city

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NextGen college tours: Why Priya Jindal chose Case Western

The Indian SCENE: Tell us about your high school experience (what clubs you were involved in, awards received, etc.). Priya Jindal: I graduated from Ottawa Hills High School in 2017. I was a student at Ottawa Hills Local Schools from kindergarten through the 12th grade, where I grew up with the same classmates and friends all those

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4 easy, breezy trends to rock this summer

Summer is a time to loosen up your style and opt for light, breezy and colorful. The darker, moodier hues of fall of winter have given way to vibrant prints, patterns and textures. I’m sharing four trends that will be all over the runways and in your favorite stores this season. Color Blocking Color-blocking is

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Schoolcraft College math professor Rujuta Joshi on transitioning to distance learning and supporting the arts

This post is sponsored by Schoolcraft College. Rujuta Joshi is a multitalented and vital member of the community. A professor in the mathematics department at Schoolcraft College, she explains how she kept her students engaged when the school was forced to adopt distance learning (online) methods because of the coronavirus pandemic. Further, Rujuta is an

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6-year-old Simran Adnani is on a mission to stop the spread of COVID-19

“Simran is very passionate about community service,” says Dr. Teena Chopra, an infectious disease specialist and mother of precocious 6-year-old Simran Adnani. An avid reader, Simran was recognized as a Young Changemaker last year by SEEN for her work to promote literacy worldwide. Now, Simran has set her sights on a new challenge: COVID-19, which has

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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the editor: July 2020

Between the devastating, unabating consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and protests against the racism entrenched deeply in American institutions, this is a summer unlike any other, and it demands thoughtful, rigorous coverage. In our June and July issues, we have our usual mix of food, fashion and lifestyle pieces, but we haven’t shied away from

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