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Wines to Pair with Diwali Sweets

This year’s festive season is in full swing with Diwali celebrations just around the corner. This means a celebration coupled with some amazing foods. Typically, we tend to plan large-scale Diwali celebrations alongside family and friends. However, this year the celebrations will be limited on account of the COVID-19 crisis, but maybe that could mean

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Corks vs Screw Cap: Should you judge a wine by its closure?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether a cork is better than a screw cap? Many ask if screw caps are just for cheap wines? These are very valid questions as corks have been the historical preference since the 1400’s. One is not better, and screw caps are certainly not just for cheap

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Wines to celebrate the graduation season

June means the school year is ending and graduation season is in full swing.  As you celebrate the accomplishments of your graduate, be sure to mark the occasion with wine. Whether you are looking for an easy drinking wine during the graduation ceremony or a special bottle to honor the college graduate, look no further,

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